2017-2018: Civility

The Engaged Learning Series (ELS) is a university-wide series of events designed to engage students, faculty, staff, and community in discussion, debate, dialogue, learning, and action around an issue of public concern. For 2017-2018, the series aims to raise awareness, improve personal behavior, and increase public engagement around the issue of "civility."

  • What does civility mean to you?
  • What does civility look like at WSU? In the community? Nationally? Globally?
  • What does civil disobedience look like, sound like, feel like?
  • How does civility tie into ethical behavior?
  • Who does civility affect besides yourself?
  • Who decides what is civil?
  • What are the limits of civility?
  • At what point does civility break down and why?

Throughout 2017-2018, we will view "civility" through six prisms, cultural, economical, educational, health, political, and environmental. Please consider ways in which you might incorporate this topic into your teaching, planning, and discussions this year.

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