Frequently Asked Questions

When are Monthly Payment Plans available?

Payment Plan enrollment opens at the time of registration for Spring and Summer semesters and in July of each year for the upcoming Fall semester. Click here to see our currenlty available plans.

Why sign up for a Monthly Payment Plan?

Signing up for a monthly payment plan is quick and easy. Instead of paying in one large lump sum, payments are spread out equally; making payments more affordable.
Monthly payments will be withdrawn AUTOMATICALLY from a checking or credit card account set-up online. This eliminates the worry of making payments manually, late payments, and waiting in line or on the phone.


What is an Authorized User?

An Authorized User is someone a student designates who can enroll in a monthly payment plan to help pay the student's educational expenses.  Mom and Dad can now become Authorized Users and sign up for a Tuition and Fee or Housing, Room and Board or a Wildcat Store payment plan. To designate someone as an Authorized User, students enter the Current Semester Student Payment Suite through the eWeber student portal and select Authorized Users, then select Add Authorized Users and follow the instructions on the web page. The new Authorized User will be sent information by email.

How much does it cost to get set-up in a Monthly Payment Plan?

There is a $25 (nonrefundable) set-up fee for a Wildcat Stores payment plan and a $35 (nonrefundable) set-up fee for all other payment plans.  This is payable each time you sign up for a payment plan.  You must sign up for a payment plan each semester.  The set-up fee must be paid at the time of enrollment in the plan. There are no additional fees or  interest charges, unless a payment is declined by the financial institution.

What is the difference between the Wildcat Store Payment Plans and the others?

A Wildcat Store Payment Plan allows you to borrow additional funds (over and above what is required to pay your student account balance) that you can use at any of the Wildcat Store locations to purchase school supplies, textbooks and technology purchases.  The other plans will cover only the charges covered under the individual plans such as Tuition and Fees or Housing, Room and Board. For additional information about the Wildcat Store Payment Plan, see our 'How to Enroll in a Wildcat Store Payment Plan' page or call (801) 626-6352.

I signed up for a plan, but I want to change my due dates.  How can I do this?

Due dates for each plan are set before the semester begins and cannot be changed.


I would like to receive text messages about selected account events.  How can I do this?

Log into the eWeber student portal, select the Pay - View Tuition and Fee, then select the Current Semester Student Payment Suite. Listed in the My Profile Setup section, select Personal Profile. Select the Edit button on the right. Enter your cellular phone number and service provider, then select Save.  To receive messages about your account events such as new bills or upcoming payments, click inside the box found under Mobile Number and then select OK. 


How do I establish Two-Step Verification in the payment suite?

To establish Two-Step Verification log into the eWeber student portal select the Pay - View Tuition and Fee, then select the Current Semester Student Payment Suite. Listed in the My Profile Setup section, select Security Settings. Add a Primary Method and a Backup Method (recommended).  


I set-up Two-Step Verification but no longer have the primary verification method.  What should I do?

Please contact our office at (801) 626-6190 or (801) 626-6022 for assistance. Once your account is re-set, you will be able to designate a new Primary Method and establish a secondary Two-Step Verification method (recommended) through the Current Semester Student Payment Suite. 


I signed up for a Wildcat Store Payment Plan, but I don't need the card now.  How can I cancel it?

If the Wildcat Store Card has not been issued, contact the Wildcat Store at (801) 626-6352 for assistance. Once the card has been issued, the payment plan cannot be cancelled. 


My credit card has expired. How can I update my card information?

You can update your credit card expirations date by referring to our 'How to Change the Credit Card Expiration Date' page. 


I signed up for a plan, but I want to change the payment method. Can I do this?

Yes. For step by step instructions on how to do this please refer to our 'How to Change the Payment Method' page.

I want to sign up for a payment plan, but I don't want the payments to be taken automatically.  How can I prevent this from happening?

All payment plans have automatic payments scheduled to be taken on the specific due date.  If you prefer, you can make these payments yourself as long as the payment is received at least two business days before your payment plan installment is due.  Once this payment is received, the scheduled payment will not be taken on the specified due date.


A credit refund was applied back to a credit card and not returned to me in a check or to my bank account.  Is this usual? 

Whenever a student uses a credit card as their payment method, any future refund owed back to the student will be returned first to the most recently used credit card. Keep in mind that if multiple credit cards are used, the credit refund issued may not be credited back to the preferred card as they are credited on reverse-chronological order. Please contact our office at (801) 626-8006 if you have any questions. 

What happens if a payment is declined by the financial institution?

  • If the payment type is a debit/credit card; the system will send you an email telling you that your payment is declined.  It will then continue to attempt to get authorization each morning until your payment has been paid. If, after two days, we still cannot get payment then a $30.00 late fee is added to your account.
  • If the payment type is a web check; when the payment is returned by your bank a $30.00 late fee is added to your account.  You will need to make alternate arrangements to pay this missing installment.  WSU cannot submit your check for payment a second time.

Can my payment plan application be denied?
While payment plans are generally available to any registered student in good standing, participation in the payment plan program may be denied if the terms of any previous payment plan(s) were not fulfilled or if a default occurred.  The decision to deny an application is at sole discretion of Weber State University.