How Tuition and Fee Refunds are Calculated

Admission fees and late fees are non-refundable.

Independent study, conferences, workshops and certain programs are assessed a flat fee for tuition. Please check with Continuing Education for refund schedule for these courses.

A new tool is available in the student eWeber portal to help you estimate the amount of tuition and fees that may be refunded based upon the classes you are dropping and the date you intend to drop. To find this Refund Estimator, log into your eWeber  portal and Search for "Tuition Refund Estimator" in the Search bar of find it in the "Tuition and Fees" Category section.



Refunds (reduction in tuition and fee assessment) are computed based on a percentage of the credit hours being dropped, and are not based on the dollar amount paid. Courses dropped after the 100% withdrawal period are assessed fees based on the refund percentage for the course on the date officially dropped.


 Example 1  

 Tuition & Fees
 Registered for 10 credit hours.  $1,981.51

 Withdraw from 10 credits at 80%.

 New tuition & fee assessment will be 2 credits                                                     
    (10 credits x 20% = 2.0)
 Total Refund  $1,391.12



 Example 2  

 Tuition & Fees
Registered for 12 credit hours.  $1,981.51

Withdraw from 5 credits at 90%.


New tuition & fee assessment will be 7.5 credits                                                    
    (12 credit hours - 5 withdrawn hours = 7 credit hours remaining)
    (5 withdrawn credits x 10% = 0.5 credit hours to be paid)
    (7 remaining credits + 0.5 = 7.5)

Total Refund  $434.72