Authorized Users

Student's have the ability to give an individual(s) of their choosing access to their student account in order to view balances and/or to make payments. 

Follow the below steps to add authorized users.

 Step 1:             Log into eWeber online at 
 Step 2: Select the “Student Services” tab.
 Step 3: Under Financial Services, select “View/Pay Tuition & Fees”.
 Step 4: Select “View the Bill and Payment Suite”; click on “I Agree” to be directed to the Student  Bill and Payment Suite.
 Step 5: Select the “Authorized Users” tab on the main menu bar.
 Step 6:         Click "Add an Authorized User"
 Step 7: Enter the email address of the individual you would like to give access to.
 Step 8: Select whether or not you would like this individual to view your billing statements.This option does not grant additional information as all billing information is only available through your account or by going through the student portal to View/Pay Tuition and Fees > Student Schedule Bill.
 Step 9: Select whether or not you would like this individual to be able to view your payment history.
 Step 10: Click "Add User"
 Step 11: The user will be emailed their login information as well as instructions for accessing your student account.

Authorized Users Accessing Student Accounts

If a student authorizes you to view his/her student account, then you will receive an email with a URL, the email address the student authorized and a generated password.

To access this information, please go to and enter the email address the student authorized as well as the password that was emailed to you.