How to Change the Payment Method

Please follow the below steps if you need to change what account your payment plan is deducting from:


 Step 1:             Log into eWeber online at
 Step 2: Select "Tuition and Fees" from the categories found on the left hand side of your screen
 Step 3: Click on the "View/Pay Tuition and Fees" icon 
 Step 4: Select “Current Student Payment Suite”; click on “I Agree” to be directed to the Student  Bill and Payment Suite
 Step 5: Select the “My Account” tab and choose the "My Profiles" sub-menu.
 Step 6:          Select “Saved Payment Methods” on the sub-menu bar. 
 Step 7: If the payment method that you would like to switch to is not listed, add a payment method and save. If the payment method is listed, proceed to step 8.
 Step 8: Select the “Payment Plans” tab on the main menu bar.
 Step 9: Next to payment method, click “change”.
 Step 10: Select the correct payment method from the drop down menu next to “Change Payment Method” and click “Change”.
 Step 11: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Confirm"