Late Fees and Penalties

Late Payment Fee

A $40 late payment fee may be assessed to all students who have not paid their tuition and fee balance in full, signed up for a University approved Monthly Payment Plan, have pending Financial Aid, or have their third-party voucher submitted to Cashiers by the payment deadline. (Details of the payment deadlines can be found HERE.)  If there is an outstanding balance after financial aid or scholarships have been applied, the student is responsible to pay this amount by the payment deadline to avoid the late payment fee.  If you are experiencing an unforseen financial disruption, please contact our office to apply for an exception to tuition/fee policy.  More information can be found HERE or by emailing us at

After the payment deadline, students have until Friday at 4 p.m. the week a student registers or changes classes to avoid the late payment fee. Please check your account balance each time you change your schedule.

Interest Assessment

Interest assessment on unpaid balances will begin 30 days after the beginning of the semester.  The annual rate is 12%.  You can avoid interest charges as long as you are enrolled in a Monthly Payment Plan or have pending Financial Aid that covers all tuition and fees.  Interest on unpaid balances will be assessed in addition to the late/collection payment fees.


A hold may be placed the student record if the student is not enrolled in a monthly payment plan or courses are not paid by the end of the third week of class each semester. Holds prevent registration add/drops, graduation, and the printing of transcripts.


You must pay all charges by the appropriate deadline listed HERE.  A 1% collection fee will be assessed each week of the Semester to any unpaid balance on your account beginning as early as four(4) weeks after the payment deadline.  These charges will be in addition to interest and late fees and will not exceed 10% of the unpaid balance.  In the event your account remains unpaid, it may be referred out for additional collection enforcement.

According to PPM No. 5-5; the university may withdraw a student from the current semester if a student has an unpaid tuition and fee balance from a prior semester or if the student provides a dishonored check or other payment to pay for tuition and fees.  The prior semester courses will not be dropped or withdrawn.