Military Tuition Benefits FAQ

Are you receiving military benefits for the current semester?  As a reminder, tuition and fees are due the Friday before classes start each semester so you should submit your benefit application early to avoid delays or late fees.  Here are some things to keep in mind regarding your military benefits here at WSU.

  • Have you applied for your Military Benefits throught the Military-Affiliated Student Center?  (The center will "memo" the amount of your anticipated benefit funding you will receive for the semester)
  • Do you need to turn in a TA (Tuition Assistance) form?
    • Air Force, Army, Commanding Officer, MyCAA, and Utah Guard all have TA forms that need to be turned in before the semester starts to avoid late fees. Please go to and click on the SUBMIT TA/MYCAA FORMS button to submit your forms.
  • Will your anticipated benefit cover your entire semester balance?
    • Often, Military funding does not pay for electronic course material or class fees. Please ask the Military-Affiliated Student Center if your funding is going to cover your entire balance. To avoid late fees, make sure your funding is covering your entire balance. If your funding is not going to cover 100% of your charges, please make arrangements for the remaining balance in order to avoid fees.
  • Do you check your WSU Student Email regularly.
    • This will help you stay up to date on any changes made on your account. You should receive an email anytime a change is made on your account.
  • The Military-Affiliated Student Center is a great resource for incoming and continuing military students.
    • Contact them to make sure you are up to date on your account or stop in to see what events they have going on.
  • Please check your student account every Friday for at least the first 3-4 weeks of the semester to make sure you are aware of any changes on your account.
    • Funding changes, added and/or dropped classes, and departments changing or adding course fees can all affect your account.  This doesn’t happen often but it's best to take care of it sooner rather then later.
  • WSU Policy Information for Military Information

Benefits Handled by Military-Affiliated Student Center

  • Chapter 33
  • Chapter 35 DEA
  • Chapter 1606
  • Post 9/11

If you have questions regarding these benefits, please call 801-626-6039
Office: Student Union, RM: 322

Benefits Handled by the Cashiers Office

  • AFROTC Detachment 850-UofU
  • AFROTC Detachment 860-USU
  • Airforce
  • Army Ignited
  • Commanding Officer (Marines/Coast Guard)
  • Commanding Officer (Navy)
  • Defense Info Syst Agency
  • Defense Logistics
  • Veterans Affairs – Tungsten
  • MyCAA (Office of the Under Secretary of Defense)
  • Utah National Guard

If you have questions regarding these benefits, please call 801-626-8006
Office: Student Services, RM 209

Our Military-Affiliated Student Center and Cashiers Office want to see every military student succeed here at Weber State University.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.