Important Information on Payment Plans

Payment dates cannot be altered or deleted.

The Monthly Payment Plan is a binding contract with 
scheduled payment due dates.


Certain fees, independent study, noncredit and miscellaneous charges cannot be set-up on a Monthly Payment Plan. Payment plans are recalculated to reflect any new changes to student accounts. If a class is added or dropped, the scheduled payments will be adjusted to reflect the change.  Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for these changes to be reflected on your account.

The following is an EXAMPLE (does not reflect actual cost of tuition and fees) of how payments are recalculated:

The 4 Monthly Payment Plan:

Tuition & Fees: $1,000.00 at the time of enrollment:
$35.00 (non-refundable set-up fee)

1st Payment: $250.00

Note: In the event that a scholarship (or any non-cash payments) for $150.00 is applied to the student account prior to the next payment due date then the amount will be divided among the remaining payments.

2nd Payment: $200.00
3rd Payment: $200.00
4th Payment: $200.00 

*In the event of a default of any payment or terms of the agreement, Weber State University reserves the right to deny any future application(s) submitted the student.