How to View Your 1098T


Step 1:  Log into your portal.

Step 2:  Click on "Tuition and Fees" in the left Categories menu.

Step 3:  Select the "View/Pay Tuition and Fees" icon.

Step 4: Select the  View IRS Form 1098T-TAX CREDIT FORM.  You may be asked to select the year.  If so, select 2021.

The IRS may not require you send in the form with your taxes. 

Here are a few reasons you may not see a form or there is a message that states that you are excluded from reporting: 

  • Prior to 2018, WSU was only required to provide you with the information if the amount you were billed (not paid) in 2018 was more than the scholarships and financial aid you received. 

  • Beginning in tax year 2018, your 1098T form will report Payments Received.  Please consult your tax professional for information on how to report this information on your tax return.

  • WSU does not provide this information to students that have not provided a valid Social Security Number or Tax Payor Identification Number.  Students with this standing cannot claim the credit.  You must use an IRS 1040NR or 1040NREZ form to report your taxes.

  • Your tuition and fees may have been billed in 2020 for Spring 2021.  This information was reported on your 2010 Form 1098T.

If you would like assistance determining the amount paid, please use your Wildcat email and send a message to  We cannot provide information gmail, yahoo, etc. type email account.  Payment detail information is also available from the Student Account Suite in eWeber.  Look at the Current Activity and Semester activity to see payment dates for 2021.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prior to 2018, the amounts listed on this report are for amounts billed, not the actual amount paid. You are responsible for reporting the actual amount paid to the IRS.