Collection Agencies

Placement of Account

Under Federal regulations and under State statute, we may place your account with a collection agency when it becomes 120 days past due. All collection costs incurred by our office in the collection of your delinquent account are charged back to your account. Once your account has defaulted and been placed with a Collection Agency, you may lose any rights or benefits to defer or cancel the loan balance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your account is with a collection agency, but you believe you are eligible for a deferment, you should IMMEDIATELY:

  • contact our office by phone at (800)433-6844 to request a deferment form, or
  • write to us to request a deferment form at:

    Loan Servicing/Student AR
    3850 Dixon Parkway Dept.1023
    Ogden, Utah 84408-1023

Contacting Your Collection Agency

If your account is placed with a collection agency, you should contact that agency to make any repayment arrangements. Our office cannot set up a repayment arrangement once your account is with a collection agency.

Working with Your Collection Agency

You should not procrastinate in contacting your collection agency. They will try to collect the full past due amount. If you are unable to pay the full past due amount, you can negotiate a monthly payment plan. Remember, if you feel you are in a situation which qualifies for deferment, contact our office. We will assist you in getting a deferment. Once you have an approved deferment, we can then get your account back from the collection agency.