WSU Tuition and Fees

Current Tuition and Fee Rates

Tuition and fee rates at Weber State University are determined through a combination of factors, including considerations of operating costs, salaries, facility maintenance, and investments in academic and student support resources. Additionally, input from university administrators, the legislature, the Utah System of Higher Education, and consultations with relevant stakeholders play a crucial role in setting these rates in a manner that aims to balance affordability with sustaining educational quality.

Your tuition and fees are added to your bill as you register for classes, and they are due the Friday before classes begin. These charges will be adjusted as you add and drop classes. 

Although the information published on this website is believed to be accurate, Weber State University reserves the right to assess tuition and fees as approved by the Board of Regents and make any adjustments or corrections that may result from human or system error. Current policies, procedures, tuition and fee tables, payment deadlines, refund schedules and other important information are available through this office.


Weber State University does not drop courses for nonpayment. Students are responsible for dropping courses if they do not attend. Tuition and fees are not waived for nonattendance. 

Once registered, each student is obligated to pay for their courses unless the student has dropped courses or the student completes a total withdraw from school during the 100% refund period (see refund deadlines). If a student drops courses or completely withdraws from school after the 100% refund period, the student is obligated to pay tuition and fees according to the current semester refund schedule. Also, a student must pay for or drop courses by the payment deadline to avoid late fees and interest.

Payment Deadline

Payment for all tuition and fees is due on the Friday before the first day of the Semester. If you are unable to make payment, please refer to our interest free payment plans.