Employer, Sponsorship, Military/Veterans Tuition Assistance

Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs

 If you participate in a tuition reimbursement program, you generally will need to pay your tuition and fees out-of-pocket by the payment deadline and then be reimbursed by your employer.  Although tuition reimbursement programs differ between employers, most will require your class schedule, proof of payment and proof of course completion before reimbursement.

Sponsorship Contract Programs

If your employer or sponsoring agency provides you with a paper contract for Tuition Assistance, then you will need to submit the Financial Guarantee contract to the Cashier’s Office by payment deadline. The Cashier's Office will provide invoicing and payment support. Students may be assessed a late fee if the contract is submitted after the payment deadline.


Veterans Tuition Benefits: Post 911-Chapter 33 Benefits

The Military-Affiliated Student Center can help provide assistance Veterans and military-affiliated students as they utilize their Educational and Tuition Assistance benefits.  You will need to provide your semester student class schedule to the Veteran Services Office for certification by payment deadline. The Cashier's Office will provide invoicing and payment support.  Students may be assessed a late fee if their paperwork is submitted to the Veteran Services Office after payment deadline.


Military Sponsored Students

If you are being sponsored by the DoD under one of the branches of the military, you will need to turn in a copy of your Tuition Assistance form to the Cashier’s office or to sponsor@weber.edu by the payment deadline.  Students may be assessed a late fee if the form is submitted after the payment deadline.  To calculate the cost per credit hour, take the total tuition amount and divide it by the number of credit hours you are registered for.  For information regarding WSU’s refund policy for military sponsored students please see Military TA Refunds.