Petition for Exception to University Policy - Student Financial Petition

 Tuition and fee assessment is based on the registration date of the course and date of withdrawal from the course.  A refund percentage is applied to credit hours for the tuition and student fee assessment according to the published refund schedule each semester.  If, due to extenuating or for other acceptable circumstances, the student has dropped a course after the published deadline or during the refund period, the student must complete the "Petition for Exception to University Policy-Student Financial Petition" and submit supporting documentation for consideration for a tuition and fee adjustment.

The form is to petition for an exemption to university policy for tuition and student fee assessment onlyYou must be officially withdrawn from the course(s) during the semester in which you are requesting a tuition exemption to policy.  An exception cannot be granted for any course in which you currently are enrolled.

Do NOT submit a financial petition form if:

  • You are only requesting to be withdrawn from one or more courses.
  • Your financial aid, waiver or scholarship has been removed from your account.
  • You are petitioning for consideration for an adjustment to housing charges.
  • You are requesting a refund of departmental, graduation or admissions charge.
  • You are requesting an academic record adjustment.
  • You are appealing a parking ticket.

Please use the following links for additional information on the Petition Process:
Supporting Documentation