Billing Schedule

Bills are sent out around the 16th of the month, with the payment due by the 15th of the following month. If your payment is not received by the time the next month’s bills are run, your account may be assessed a late charge.

Billing Information

The bill is "consolidated" which means that all accounts you may have with Weber State are joined into one payment amount. The bottom part lists the amount due for your account(s) and has a perforated edge, so you can tear off the stub and include it with your check in the provided envelope. (Note: it is always a good idea to include your SSN on your check so the proper account can be credited in case your statement and check are separated.) The top part of the bill lists the status of your account including last payment information and the current principal balance remaining on the loan. The top part of the bill also has an area for messages pertaining to specific loans. Be sure to always read your messages. If you wish to pay off your loan in full, you must CALL THE OFFICE, because the bill does not give complete information about the interest due on the loans.

Advance vs. Accelerated Payment

In general, any payment you make over and above the minimum payment amount will be treated as an Accelerated Payment and credited to the principal balance of your account(s). You will then be billed your regular monthly payment amount for the subsequent month.

If you wish to make an Advanced Payment (pay more than one installment with one payment) you must contact the Loan Office directly so the proper adjustments can be made to your account(s).

Applying for a Cancellation or Deferment

The back of our billing statement provides some brief information on loan cancellation and deferments. Take special note that you are responsible for initiating a request for cancellation or deferment.

You may contact us directly or check our cancellations and deferments webpage for details on eligibility and printing or requesting the appropriate forms on-line.