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Classroom Technology Services (CTS) is committed to guide and serve our customers with effective and efficient use of technology in the classroom.

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About Us

In an ever-changing educational environment, we realize that “where” and “how” are just as important as “what” is being taught. We are dedicated to providing up-to-date and dependable systems that easy to use. Currently, we support over 170 classrooms on campus, but we know learning doesn’t end in the classroom. By understanding and creating collaborative learning spaces we hope to better facilitate the transfer of knowledge between instructor and student no matter where you are. To do this, we will research, test and implement new technologies; such as Virtual Reality, Mobile Connectivity, and Interactive Streaming and Broadcasting. Doing this will help us to anticipate your needs and help promote learning anywhere, anytime.

News and Events


We are hard at work preparing equipment and informational guides to assist with these new changes. We will be adding more resources below as we develop them and will strive to make the transition to an online educational format as seamless as possible. We will continue our role in supporting our faculty and staff in meeting their technology needs during this extraordinary situation.

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Meet the Team

Matt Cain

Classroom Technology Services Manager
Office: LP 216A
Phone: (801) 626-7020

Sean Graham

A/V Engineer
Office: LP 216
Phone: (801) 626-7039

Nicholas Lambert

CTC College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Office: LP 216
Phone: (801) 395-3476

Mark Ashby

Associate Computing Specialist
Office: LP 218H
Phone: (801) 626-7093

Russell Paige

Senior Classroom Technology Administrator
Office: D02 137K
Phone: (801) 395-3527

Scott Peterson

Academic Technology Specialist
Office: D03 138
Phone: (801) 395-3526

Jonathan Warren

IT Support Technician II
Office: LP 216
Phone: (801) 626-7001

Raymond Ruiz

IT Support Technician II
Office: LP 216
Phone: (801) 626-7055

Patrick Leavitt

CTC College of Business
Office: WB 227
Phone: (801) 626-7388

David Morris

CTC College of Science
Office: TY 128
Phone: (385) 242-2644