DUO is a third party, 2-factor authentication system that the university has implemented to help protect access to your accounts in the event that your password is stolen or compromised.

DUO allows users to have a PIN sent to them via phone. It also allows the user to receive a "push" to their smartphone from which the user can then authenticate.

There are several ways by which Duo can be used to authenticate the user. Users can use a smartphone, a tablet, a token, or as a backup, a landline - such as their office or home phones.

Please note: Users who choose to use a personal device to access the Duo system recognize that they will not be compensated by WSU for that usage. 

  • Does my password still expire while using DUO?

    Yes. You will need to change your password once a year while using DUO.

    For further information, or assistance changing your password, please visit the password help page or contact the IT Service Desk at 801-626-7777.