IT Portfolio and Project Management

The IT Division has established six (6) IT Portfolios for project tracking and governance. The Portfolio Chair and IT Liaison facilitate the IT projects. Each portfolio focuses on the project(s) assigned to each area. Project proposals are submitted to the appropriate portfolio and ranked by the portfolio members. Once ranked, IT Director's Council (ITDC) evaluates resources and timelines for project approvals. Once approved, project charters are prepared and agreed upon by the project team.

Current IT Portfolios

Please contact the Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO) via email with any questions:
Below is a list of the portfolios we currently sponsor:

  • Academic Portfolio
  • Administrative Portfolio
  • IT Infrastructure Portfolio
  • Online & Continuing Education Portfolio
  • Student Access & Success (SAS) Portfolio 
  • Web & Digital Management Portfolio

Processes and Reports


Forms for completing project proposals, charters, workflow processes, and lessons learned are all provided below. Completed and approved documents are stored in a secure location and managed/updated throughout the project lifecycle.

  • IT Project Proposal Form - Use this form to submit a project request to an IT Portfolio for consideration. We encourage you to coordinate with an IT project manager or the Portfolio and Project Management Office before submission.
  • IT Project Charter Form - This form is prepared by the sponsor, stakeholders, and IT project manager once the project has been approved.
  • Lessons Learned Form - Used by IT project managers to document lessons for future projects.