The Information Technology Division is pleased to announce we have continued our partnership with Adobe to bring all of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications and services to all WSU faculty and staff.  

With the license of Adobe Creative Cloud, the IT Division has provided everyone at WSU many creative desktop applications and web services that will be available on Weber State-owned computers across the entire campus. 

To make sure that you have the latest Adobe software installed on your work computers, please contact your Campus Technology Coordinator (CTC), or the IT service desk.

Weber State University in partnership with Adobe has given access to all faculty and staff the entire Creative Cloud, for home use, for only $9.75 for an entire year.   

Usually, the Creative Cloud would cost $49.99 a month, which adds up to $600 a year! This is an excellent deal that you don't want to miss!

Purchasing the Creative Cloud from the Weber store isn't difficult, but we did want to provide you with an overview of the process needed to acquire the work-at-homeversion of Adobe's Creative Cloud, to help eliminate any confusion you might have.

First, go to and register.

Register to WSU's online store

1. If you are a new user, click sign in > then click register.

2. Use your address (other emails will not work, please do not use your WSU password).

3. Fill out the online form.

Special note: when you get to - select group member - and if you are considered staff, just keep the default faculty.

4. Click register

Email Confirmation

Now you will need to confirm your account by email before continuing.

1. Go to your Gmail and look for your confirmation email.

2. The confirmation email will take you back to campus store via a link.

3. Click on start shopping.

4. Click on Adobe under Faculty/Staff tab.

5. Add to cart and purchase > takes you to a confirmation page where you Redeem a code.

Redeem Code through Adobe

This process will allow you to start using Adobe Creative Cloud*.

Click on "Redeem Code" in the big white box > takes you to Adobe.

Follow steps to set up an account through Adobe (either sign in or create a new account).

Important: Do not set up a reoccurring payment plan through Adobe if you do not want to risk paying full price for the Creative Cloud once the contract through WSU ends. We recommend you only give your credit card information to WSU's campus store. Do not give credit card info to Adobe unless you are purchasing directly from them.

*The Adobe account does not require a credit card to purchase Adobe CreativeCloud, you have already purchased it through WSU. This last process is simply for activating your legal rights to use the Creative Cloud.