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USHE Concurrent Enrollment Participation Form


Concurrent Enrollment (CE) refers to enrollment by high school students in one or more Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institution course(s) under a contractual agreement between an Institution and Local Education Agencies (LEAs). Students continue to be enrolled in their high schools, to be counted in Average Daily Membership and to receive credit toward graduation. Concurrent students also receive college credit for courses. The purpose of CE is to allow eligible high school students to enroll in college courses that would enable them to earn credit concurrently toward high school graduation and a postsecondary certificate or degree.

The IT Division Student Applications team manages all software deployment projects for Admissions, Student Access and Success (SAS), Financial Aid, and Registration.

The USHE CE Participation Form Project was a state-mandated project to adhere to a single Admissions form for all Utah Higher Education institutions. This project was a collaboration with Ellucian, Utah State Board of Education (USBE)/USHE, and Utah State University (USU). The WSU IT Division Student Applications team was responsible for project management and technical expertise to coordinate with USBE and Ellucian. Mark Isakson (WSU Programmer/Analyst Architect) is WSU’s USHE Technical expert and drove the engagement with USBE to get contacts assigned to the project. IT efforts were the reason this project was completed on time.

Students fill out the USHE concurrent enrollment application which can admit them as concurrent at multiple colleges in Utah using the same application. The student pays the application fee for each college they apply for admission to on the USHE application. Students must include their Utah SSID number. The WSU applications are pushed to WSU’s CRM Recruit, which auto-admits the student and pushes the admitted application to Banner.

USHE Concurrent Application
CRM Recruit

Concurrent Enrollment Participation Form

Scott Teichert

"Since we turned on the USHE CE application and high schools started utilizing the form, we've admitted 2,988 new CE students. This project has been a 'herculean' effort by all parties involved. Thank you for all the hard work and patience."

- Scott Teichert, Assistant Vice President for Access
One week after the project went LIVE in August 2023