eRefund FAQs

How much does it cost to participate in eRefunds?

eRefunds are absolutely free. There are no convenience or transaction fees associated with this service.

How often do I have enroll my account in order to receive eRefunds?

Once you enroll your checking account, that account will remain active until you leave school or turn off the eRefund option.

What happens if my checking account changes?

You will need to follow the setup guide found at eRefunds to delete your previous account and establish the new account.

Do I have to spend money out of my checking account in order to receive an eRefund?

No, you are welcome to use this account to pay for your tuition and fees, but it is not necessary in order to receive an eRefund.

If I sign up for eRefunds, will you take money out of my account?

No, the only way Weber State can take money from your checking account is if you go into your student account and make a payment.

What kind of refunds qualify for eRefunds?

Any type of refund that occurs on your student account can qualify for eRefunds whether it be from financial aid/scholarship disbursal or dropping a class after it has been paid for.

How will I know if I have received an eRefund?

An email will be sent to your Weber email account notifying you of the refund at the time the refund occurs.