Welcome Student Affairs Technology!

July 31, 2023

Information Technology is so excited to welcome the Student Affairs Technology team to the IT Division. The IT Division is gaining over 50 years of experience at Weber State with the merge of our teams.

Full-time staff include Clayton Oyler, Chip Coleman, Jaed Norberg, Tim Chapman, Kait Viator and Tyler Cardon. 

Director of Student Affairs Technology Clayton Oyler has worked at Weber State for over 26 years now. He said he is looking forward to collaborating and expanding his knowledge pool with his new IT colleagues. He is excited about contributing to the division in a  positive way.

Systems Architect Chip Coleman is bringing 15 years of experience to the IT Division.  "I'm excited for the new collaborative opportunities that joining the IT division holds and finding new ways to enhance the student experience through technology," he said.

Associate Systems Application Programmer Jaed Norberg has been working at WSU for 13 years, three years full-time. "I'm hoping we can use this transition as an opportunity to connect with more resources and learn from others," he said.

Technical Support Manager Tim Chapman has been at WSU for almost two years. "I have already met some great people, and I look forward to meeting more and getting to make new connections with the IT Division," he said.

Academic Technologies Coordinator Kait Viator has been at Weber State for one year.  She is looking forward to new people, experiences and opportunities, especially for her student employees. She hopes to improve digital fluency and technology access for students, faculty and staff.

Systems Support Specialist Tyler Cardon has been with WSU for over one year. "Being a fairy new employee, I am looking forward to working with new people, and getting familiar with the new process," he said. 

We are absolutely thrilled to have these employees, along with their hourlies to join our division. We look forward to collaborating, learning and providing the best tech support to students and faculty together!


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