LinkedIn Learning Now Available to All Weber State Students


LinkedIn Learning is a great tool for individual, online training. You can search for any skill or tool you would like to learn, and you are instantly given several options for learning. There are 3 learning types in LinkedIn Learning: Content, Learning Paths, and Collections. 

Content is the basic building blocks within LinkedIn Learning. Types of content include videos, quizzes, audio files and documents. Content can be viewed individually or can be built into Learning Paths and Collections.

Learning Paths are courses designed with content in a logical order to help your learning. Learning Paths generally begin with a "Basic" section that covers easy to learn concepts and then you build upon these basics as you progress through other sections of the Learning Path. Keep in mind, that you can watch any portion or content piece of a Learning Path to learn what is important or needed for you.

Collections are Learning Paths and content grouped together for learning purposes. Perhaps if you wanted to learn web design, you would potentially need several different skills such as graphic design, consumer behavior habits, UX design and web design languages such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript. You could find or create a collection to help you on your path to learning how to create websites. 

Anyone interested in obtaining a license for LinkedIn Learning, should visit the eWeber Portal and search for "LinkedIn Learning." After clicking on the "LinkedIn Learning" app, you can create a LinkedIn profile with your "" or "" OR you can connect the license to your current LinkedIn account.

If you have any questions about LinkedIn Learning, feel free to contact the IT Training office at

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