New Updates and Features to Google Meet


Google Meet (formerly Hangouts) has recently received some exciting new updates and features that improve the quality and versatility of your virtual meetings. Google Meet is a video conferencing and collaboration tool comparable to Zoom. This tool is available for free to all faculty and staff. 


The newest features include:

  • Q&A capability
  • Polling
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Virtual and Blurred Backgrounds (Note: You cannot upload your own backgrounds.)

Polling, Breakout Rooms and Q&A can all be accessed via the "Activities" tab in the top right corner of the window.


Other features of Google Meet include:

  • Live Captioning
  • Raise Hand
  • Participant Management
  • Screen Sharing (called Present)
  • Recording
  • Whiteboards
  • Sharing files via Drive


How to Access Google Meet

Google Meet can be accessed from the Google homepage, from your Weber email, or any other Google site. Simply click the 9 dot box near the top right corner of the window and navigate to Google Meet. You can then click "Start" a meeting to start your meeting. You will be notified with a share link that you can share with your students, team, or guests of your meeting. 


To learn more about the new updates and features in Google Meet, click the following link:

What's New in Google Meet


For training on using Google Meet click the following link:

Google Meet Training and Help


If you're having any issues with Google Meet, contact the IT Service Desk at or x7777.


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