Announcing Bridge, The New Online Platform for Employee Development


The IT Division and the Office of Workplace Learning are excited to announce a new online platform for employee development. On December 10th, 2020, all faculty and staff gained access to our new app in the eWeber portal called ‘Online Employee Development.’

The Online Employee Development app links employees to the learning platform called Bridge from Instrucutre. Here users can access professional development programs, compliance training and learning experiences tailored to Weber State faculty and staff. 

Many courses are already active in the system, and more being released each week.

Some classes already available include:

  • Customer Service classes like Purple Pride, Customer Service in a Pandemic, and De-Escalation of Difficult Customers
  • Personal Improvement classes like Creativity, the Mirage of Multitasking, and Making Your Own Well-Being a Priority
  • Team and Leadership classes like Maximizing Performance, Working Well with Others, Mandela’s Leadership Lessons, and Team Building
  • WSU specific courses like Requesting Editorial Changes to the University Catalog and Class Scheduling Training
  • Technical Training specific to Weber State like using our Zoom pro license with Canvas and tips for utilizing Kaltura in the classroom (Other technical training can be found using LinkedIn Learning, also available on the eWeber portal for all faculty, staff and students)

The system is easy to use. Just log in through the portal and view courses available in the ‘Learning Library.’ 


Complete the learning at your own pace, on your own timeframe. At times a specific course may be assigned to you by an instructor, based on your job duties or position. If so, you’ll find the course on your home page, ‘My Learning.’ 

Departments can create trainings for specific groups of employees and give access just to those groups. 

Anyone wishing to become a content author to create courses in Bridge and who does not already have access can contact the Office of Workplace Learning to get set-up. 

The Online Employee Development app is an additional tool to disseminate learning in an online, self-paced format, making it almost effortless to disseminate important information and have it available right when an employee needs it. 

This project was made possible with CARES funding.


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Ty Naylor
IT Marketing and Training Manager

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