IT Architecture Group

The IT Architecture Group Responsibilities

  • Serve as technical counsel to Information Technology Directors Council (ITDC) and Information Technology Governance Council (ITGC)
  • Provide an annual report/recommendations to the ITGC which extends out the IT Architecture plan by at least one year.  It is expected that the first report/recommendation will attempt to project architecture planning at least three years out.
  • Make recommendations and provide advice to the CIO, the ITGC, and the Information Technology Directors and Planning Councils with respect to policy, guidance, standards, and procedures related to the maintenance and update of the Enterprise Architecture.
  • Promote a common Enterprise Architecture, encouraging common systems and shared resources, while recognizing the federation of architectures that comprises the enterprise.
  • Recommend IT technologies that may serve as foundations for Enterprise-wide systems.
  • Identify improved architectural practices and promote their adoption throughout the Enterprise.
  • Share experiences, ideas, and promising practices among members of the group.