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Spouse of Employee

Employee Wellness encourages the participation of the employee's spouse in various aspects of our program.

Employee Wellness utilizes a third-party platform to manage many program components. Employees will have two opportunities to invite a spouse to participate in the Employee Wellness program; once during the annual Personal Health Assessment and when registering for a Campaign.

Participating in the Employee Wellness program can provide you with the following benefits: 


  • Bonus Program

    This program is only available to employees and their spouses that are covered under WSU PEHP insurance.

    Once you complete a personal health assessment, a blood lipid screening, and complete an additional health activity, you will receive a one time $300 bonus.

    1. Complete the Personal Health Assessment
    2. Complete a Blood Lipid Screening
      • OR
    3. Complete the TLC program
    4. Participate in one health improvement activity
    5. Earn $300
    6. Renew each year 


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  • Rewards Program

    This program is available to all benefits-eligible employees and their spouses

    Through this program, you are rewarded for completing healthy behaviors.

    Spouses can earn points for completing activities. Points can be cashed in at the end of the calendar year for various non-cash prizes. 

    1. Complete various activities on a monthly basis
    2. Submit your verification each month
    3. Earn up to 200 points towards prizes
    4. Program restarts Jan. 1 each year         


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  • Other Programs

    • Wellness Webinars
    • Campaigns and Mini-Campaigns
    • Health Improvement Classes
    • Group Exercise Classes
    • Health Assessments
    • Wellness Coaching
    • TOPS 


    Everyone entering the Stomberg Complex or Wildcat Center must have a Wildcard (WSU ID card).  


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