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Wellness Pays Bonus Program

Employee Wellness utilizes a third-party platform to manage many program components. 

If you have not received an email with an invitation to participate in the program, please email to have your account generated. 


  • How to Participate

    Participants must complete these three steps to participate in the Wellness Pays Bonus Program:

    1. Log on to your Employee Wellness account.
    2. Complete a blood lipid screening and meet specific health criteria                                 - OR -                                                       Complete the TLC program*
    3. Complete one health improvement activity

                                                                                        This process must be completed each year in order to receive the $300 bonus. 

                                                                      *Participants who opt to complete the TLC program will be provided a waiver for the blood lipid screening. The TLC program can be completed during any year of participation.       

  • How to Qualify

    The Employee Wellness Technician will review the results from your blood lipid screening and will inform you as to how many of the health guidelines you met:

    • Blood pressure ≤ 120/80
    • Fasting blood glucose ≤ 100
    • Fasting total cholesterol ≤ 200
    • HDL cholesterol ≥ 45
    • BMI < 25 OR
      • BF ≤ 22% for men
      • BF ≤ 32% for women
    • No tobacco use of any kind

                                                                                Each year, participants will be encouraged to increase the number of criteria met until they are able to maintain a criteria score of 4 out of 6.                                                                                                                                                          Blood lipid screenings may be completed by:

  • Years of Participation

    • Year 1: The first year that a participant completes a blood lipid screening will be considered a benchmark year. They will receive full credit for completing the screening. Results will be uploaded to the participants Employee Wellness Account, and will be located under the "Assessments and Screening" tab.
    • Year 2 and on: Once Employee Wellness has two years of blood lipid screening results on file, participants will be required to improve their health by one criterion until they reach a score of 4 out of 6. Knowing that not everyone will be able to make drastic improvements over the course of a year, participants will receive credit for making improvements as little as 3% in most areas. 

                                                                      Participants may opt for an alternative by completing the TLC program, or by completing an annual physical with their physician.