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Wellness Pays Bonus Program

The Wellness Pays Bonus Program (formally Wellness Saves) is a voluntary incentive program that will educate participants about their basic health numbers and will encourage them to maintain or improve these numbers over the next few years. 

This program is available to all Weber State University PEHP policy holders. Employees who complete an assessment and meet the requirements will be eligible for a monthly bonus of $30. 

Qualified spouses can earn an addition $30 per month. 



  • How to Qualify

    Complete your health risk assessment. Complete a blood lipid screening that includes the following measurements:

    • Fasting Total Cholesterol
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • Fasting Glucose
    • Blood Pressure
    • BMI or Body Fat Percentage
    • Tobacco/Nicotine Questionnaire
    Meet 4 out of the 6 following health guidelines on your blood lipid screening:
    • Blood pressure ≤ 120/80
    • Fasting blood glucose ≤ 100
    • Fasting total cholesterol ≤ 200
    • HDL cholesterol ≥ 45
    • BMI < 25 OR BF ≤ 22% for men, BMI <25 OR ≤ BF 32% for women
    • No tobacco use of any kind

    Once qualified, your bonus will begin the following pay period and continue for 24 pay periods.

    If you will be testing with your personal physician, you will need to have your physician complete this form for Weber State Employee Wellness, and this form for Healthy Utah


  • Bonus Renewal

    If you are renewing your bonus, you can start the above steps 60 days prior to your bonus expiration date. You can find your bonus expiration date by logging on the Employee Wellness application located on the eWeber Portal. Click on the Bonus Program link. 



    For more information, please view the FAQ page