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Benefits & Rewards

Our benefits and rewards programs are designed to assist WSU employees in reaching their goals to live happier, healthier lives. 

Some programs offer monetary incentives as a way to motivate you to achieve a specific health-related target, while others are tools that can be used to adopt a new healthy lifestyle or offers fresh ideas to those whose already healthy lifestyles need a little "spicing up." Wellness is not "one size fits all," but living well does require certain lifestyle choices. We hope that these programs will help you find wellness that fits you just right.


How to Qualify

You may have to fulfill assessment requirements, be eligible to receive PEHP benefits or have a PEHP policy to qualify for certain programs. Check the graph on this page for requirements and incentives. (All WSU employees automatically qualify to take the semester challenge or participate in Wellness Pays Rewards.) 


Health Risk Assessment

Blood Lipid Screening

Fitness Assessment



Healthy Utah Rebates Program



  PEHP policy holder and covered spouse Up to $100

Released Wellness Time







Benefits eligible employee 3 paid hours for wellness activities per week

Wellness Pays Bonus Program




PEHP policy holder or covered spouse $30 per month

Wellness Pays Rewards Program




Benefits eligible employee $20 per reward

Semester/Monthly Challenges






Varies Varies


Assessments must be repeated on an annual basis in order to maintain incentives.

Training & Classes

Employee Wellness also offers classes, personal training, coaching and presentations to employees.

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