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Blood Lipid Screening

The Employee Wellness Office uses a testing device that requires a small amount of blood from a quick fingerstick. Results are available within 5 minutes. This device meets all relevant National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) guidelines for precision and accuracy.

The blood lipid screening will provide you with information about your:

Your blood pressure will also be tested during this screening. 

For purposes of the Wellness Pays program and our partnership with Healthy Utah, your height, weight, and body fat measurements may also be determined when scheduling this service.

  • How to Complete the Screening

    You will receive an email from our office to schedule an appointment once you complete a health risk assessment. Screenings are available Tuesday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. and last about 20 minutes. 

    You must fast for 12 hours before your appointment. You may drink water only during this time.

    All salaried employees can receive one free test per year. Additional testing will cost $15. Testing for hourly employees, adjunct instructors and retirees is $15. 

  • Davis Campus Screenings

    The next round of blood lipid screenings at Weber State Davis will be held Wednesday, June 6.

  • Incentives

    A blood lipid screening must be taken to qualify for the Healthy Utah Rebates Program and the Wellness Pays Bonus Program.

    To qualify for the Wellness Pays Bonus Program, your test results must meet at least 4 of the 6 following criteria:

    • Fasting Total Cholesterol ≤ 200
    • HDL Cholesterol ≥ 45
    • Fasting Glucose ≤ 100
    • Blood Pressure ≤ 120/80
    • BMI < 25 or
      • Body Fat Percentage
        • ≤ 22 for men
        • ≤ 32 for women
    • No Tobacco/Nicotine Use

    Learn more on our Benefits & Rewards page.