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Wellness Coaching

Once you have completed your health risk assessment and blood lipid screening, you will be eligible to meet with a wellness coach.

Wellness coaching is intended to be used as a goal-setting tool. Participants can meet with a coach to explore ways to improve in the areas of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mood. During your initial session, a coach will review the results from your health risk assessment. Based on these results, a coach will help you to develop a wellness vision or wellness end goal. If you were a 10 with your wellness, what would this look like? Your coach will then help you to develop a weekly goal that will ultimately help you to reach your wellness vision. Each week you will meet with your coach to review your goal and to develop a new goal. 



  • Sessions

    Initial sessions will last approximately 1 hour and subsequent sessions will last approximately 30 minutes.

    It is recommended that each participant complete 8 to 12 sessions over the course of three months. 

  • How to Join

    Please contact Raeanna Johnson at to schedule a wellness coaching appointment.