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Wellness Classes

We offer employees a wide range of one-on-one training programs and wellness classes.



One-on-One Training

Personal Training

Our personal trainers provide employees with detailed instruction and hands-on practice with developing an exercise program. All salaried employees are eligible for 6 personal training sessions upon the completion of a fitness assessment and machine weight gym orientation.

Start Training

Wellness Coaching

Once you have completed your health risk assessment and blood lipid screening, you will be eligible to meet with a wellness coach to explore ways to improve in the areas of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mood. 

Meet Your Coach

Wellcats Improvement Program 

Our Wellcats Improvement Program is designed for employees who do not initially meet the requirements for the Wellness Pays Bonus Program. Upon completion of this 6-month program, you will receive the Wellness Pays Bonus. Participation is by invite only.




Wellness Classes

How to Sign Up

Employees can register for our classes on Training Tracker via the eWeber portal. Spouses and retirees can contact us to register. Once you have registered, please pay any applicable fees on our eStore account. Payment of one fee allows you to access all Employee Wellness classes for the semester.

Class Options