May 2023 Newsletter

Open Enrollment

Benefits Open Enrollment


Weber State University will be holding annual medical and dental open enrollment for salaried faculty and staff from April 10 through May 19. During this time, you can make changes for the 2023-24 school year to your existing health, dental, or vision plans. This annual enrollment period will be the only opportunity to make changes to your coverage until April 2024 (unless you have a qualifying event). 

Please be mindful of the following:

  • All benefit changes are effective July 1, 2023.

  • Online open enrollment for medical, dental, vision and flex spending will be completed through the eWeber Portal website using the Employee Enrollment app. You must have an eWeber login and password to complete online open enrollment.

  • If you do not want to make changes to your benefits, you do not need to go to the Employee Enrollment app, and your benefits will remain the same. HOWEVER, Flex Spending accounts do require re-enrollment each year. This is done through the app.

  • Your last day to make changes to your benefits is May 19.

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Personal Training

Request through email:

Personal Training is back! Employee Wellness will provide on-site personal training to help with your fitness needs.

Training sessions will be offered in your choice of 4 or 6-week programs. You will meet with our trainer either once or twice a week.

As we are in the process of redesigning our Personal Training program, our trainer will be experimenting with different formats and will attempt to accommodate all participant needs. You are encouraged to provide constructive feedback during and at the end of your sessions that will allow this program to flourish.

Wellness Coaching

Request through email:

Wellness coaching can help those seeking ways to improve their overall well-being. A wellness coach provides support, guidance, and accountability as you make changes to your lifestyle.

During your session, your wellness coach will help you to identify your strengths, set realistic goals, develop an action plan, and track your progress. While the coach is here to facilitate conversation, it is ultimately the client who is responsible for taking action and making changes. Coaching can be beneficial for those who are overwhelmed or feel stuck when it comes to developing healthy behaviors.


Wellness In 30


Exercise in a Pinch

Many of us are discouraged from exercising when we can't find an open 60-minute time slot on our daily calendar. Did you know that you can still reap the benefits of a full-hour workout in a much shorter timeframe? This month’s Wellness In 30 will explore ways to exercise when time is not on your side. This Wellness In 30 is provided by Raeanna Johnson.

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Healthy For Life

Thursdays, May 18 - July 27

Learning how to cook meals can help you to save money, provide a creative outlet, foster socializing between friends and family, and can improve your overall health. This semester, Healthy for Life will cover basic cooking skills. During each class, you will work in a team to cook a meal and learn a new cooking technique.

Cooking Skills:

  • Knife Skills
  • Saute, Simmer, and Steam
  • World of Spices
  • Healthy Ingredient Swap
  • Double-Duty Meals
  • Kitchen Discovery with Kids

All participants will receive a reusable meal container that should be brought to each session.

Register on Training Tracker: #810-18

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Wellness In Action

May 16, 23, 30

Exercise at Work

Exercising from your office can be easy. This workshop will cover cardio, strength, and stretching- all from the comfort of your chair. Participants will end the three sessions with an action plan to implement daily chair exercises. Please come dressed to move.

Register on Training Tracker: #810-17

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Step Two-Week Challenge

May 23 - June 5

2-Week Challenges will be administered using the online Employee Wellness Account. You will be added to a 2-Week Challenge where others in your cohort will be able to see your challenges stats on the challenge leaderboard. 

One challenge will be launched at the beginning of our Move More initiative and one at the end of the semester. Apply what you learn during this semester and see if you can increase your steps.

Register on Training Tracker: #810-05

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PEHP Wellness

Wellness On Demand

New for 2023

Whether you’re trying to be more active, improve your eating habits, or boost your mental well-being – you can now choose your own path to wellness from a menu of options.

Find a PEHP wellness program of your choice from the new on-demand webpage to jump-start your journey to a healthier you.

And as always, you can earn cash rebates when you participate in various programs.

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Blomquist Hale Webinars

Blomquist Hale will provide webinars and workshops on a monthly basis. 

Topic: Anxiety Group (Monday’s)

Date: May 8th – June 12th  

Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. MT

Topic: Women’s Mental Health 50+

Date: May 15th

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. MT

Topic: Monthly Divorce/Separation Support Group 

Date: 3rd Thursday of Every Month – Next group is May 18th

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. MT

Topic: Resources & Support for Substance Abuse

Date: May 24th

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. MT


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TIAA will be providing live webinars throughout the month. 

Below is the itinerary of all currently scheduled webinars with direct scheduling links for May webinars. Employees can access these webinars at Recordings are available for replay on demand for 90 days following the live webinar date. 

Paycheck for Life

May 10, 10 am

Attention to detail: Financial finishing touches for women

May 11, 10 am

Write your next chapter: 5 Steps to setting your retirement date

May 17, 10 am

Individual TIAA Counseling Sessions

May 17, 18, 19

In Person

Do you have questions about TIAA retirement plan or investments? Schedule an appointment to meet with Weber's TIAA representative, Larson Caldwell.

Use the link below to schedule an in-person or virtual counseling session.

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