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COVID-19 Internship Guidelines

In-person internships will be supported by the University as long as students abide by the guidance given under the updated Internship Policy.

Guidance for Practical Experiences

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College of Arts & Humanities

Career Counselor


  • Susan Hafen, Internship Advisor
  • Office: Elizabeth Hall Room 349
  • Email:


  • Scott Rogers, Internship Coordinator
  • Office: Elizabeth Hall Room 448
  • Email:

Foreign Language

  • Youn Soo Kim Goldstein, Intern. Coordinator
  • Office: Elizabeth Hall Room 249
  • Email:

Performing Arts

Visual Art & Design

  • Micah Bauer, Internship Coordinator
  • Office: Kimball Visual Arts Center Room 320
  • Email:

College of Science

Career Counselor


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Rick Ford, Department Chair
  • Office: Tracy Hall Room 330
  • Email:


  • Matthew Domek, Department Chair
  • Office: Tracy Hall Room 450J
  • Email:


  • Paul Talaga, Department Chair
  • Office: Tracy Hall Room 381P
  • Email:



College of Social & Behavioral Science

Career Counselor

Anthropology: (Archaeological Field School)

  • Professor Brooke S. Arkush
  • Office: Lindquist Hall Room 32
  • Email:

Sociology (Student Research Conference)

Geography (Land Use Planning Internships)

Cartography/GIS Internships

  • Eric Ewert, Department Chair
  • Office: Lindquist Hall Room 361
  • Email:

iUtah Internships

Criminal Justice


Sustainability Internships

Overseas Projects/Internships

  • Julie Rich, Associate Dean
  • Office: Lindquist Hall Room 161
  • Email:

Philosophy & Political Science

  • Leah Murray, Director of Walker Institute
  • Office: Lindquist Hall Room 144
  • Email:
  • Stephanie Wolfe
  • Intl Internship Coordinator: Walker Institute
  • Office: Lindquist Hall Room 141
  • Email:

Social Work & Gerontology

  • Steve Vigil, Director of Field Placement
  • Office: Lindquist Hall Room 332
  • Email:


College of Education

Career Counselor

Exercise and Sport Science

Nutrition Education

  • Matthew Smith, ENS Academic Advisor & Internship Coordiantor
  • Office: Swenson Building Room 323
  • Email:

Outdoor & Community Recreation Education

Health Promotion

Physical Education

  • Ryan Zimmerman, Physical Education Activity Supervisor
  • Office: Swenson Building Room 307C
  • Email:


College of Health Professions

Career Counselor

Dental Hygiene

  • Frances McConaughy, Professor/Chair
  • Marriott Allied Health Building, Room 475G
  • Email:

Emergency Healthcare

Health Administrative Services

  • Cory Moss, Program Director
  • Interprofessional Education Building RM 224
  • Email:

Health Information Management

  • Patricia Shaw, Associate Professor/Chair
  • Interprofessional Education Bdg. RM 3911
  • Email:

Medical Laboratory Sciences

MS Athletic Training


  • Melissa Norton, MSN DNP Clinical Coord.
  • Marriott Allied Health Building Room 44

Radiologic Sciences

Respiratory Therapy

  • Michell Oki, Associate Professor
  • Marriott Allied Health Building, Room 317

Sport Coaching Education

Child & Family Studies

  • Darcy Gregg, Senior Academic Advisor
  • McKay Education Building Room 248

Teacher Education

School of Business

Career Counselor

Business Administration

Accounting & Finance



College of Engineering, Applied Sciences, & Technology

Career Counselor

Computer Science

Automotive Technology

Construction Management


Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

  • George Comber, Engineering Tech. Chair
  • Engineering Technology Building Room 214

Mechanical Engineering

Interior Design

Network Management Technology

Professional Sales

Web and User Experience