Career Champions

Nominations are now open for the 2022-23 academic school year!

How Students Can Participate in the Career Champions Program

  • Career Champions go above and beyond to provide students with the necessary tools to further their career prior to graduation. These individuals are nominated by students and awarded based on their career mentoring abilities.

  • Career Champions can help with mentoring, connecting you to employers, assisting in next steps in your professional career and so much more.

  • Nominate a WSU faculty or staff member who has shaped your academic or professional career today!

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Helpful Tips For Faculty & Staff


  • Being a Career Champion requires you to provide students with meaningful tools to help them in being successful on their journey towards a professional career.

  • Career Champions notify students about on-campus career fairs and informational sessions. In doing so, students are able to connect with employers and alumni in their profession.

  • Career Champions serve as a liaison between students, potential employers and Career Services. To further utilize our services, refer to our homepage for more resources to share with students!

2021-2022 Career Champions


Sheila Anderson

Associate Professor of Child and Family Studies,
Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education

"Dr Anderson was an awesome professor to have. She really cares about all of her students. Her willingness to spend extra time to help her students and support them in anyway she can makes her a champion. She was always so positive, and encouraging. By her example made me want to continue my career path. She was the kind of teacher that made you want to come to class because you knew you would enjoy her class."  - Ashley Killam


Tashina Barber

Multicultural Retention Counselor,
Center for Multicultural Excellence

"Tashina is one of my role models. I get to see, in person, a Native American woman proactively and professionally work. I notice how she conquers family and work life. I’m thankful to have someone who shares a similar experience as mine, a Native American woman, and is understanding to talk too. She encourages us to stay on task. She holds a safe space for Native students to join every week. This in itself is admirable. I’m a witness to how caring she is. Afterall, her door is always open. Overall, Tashina makes us feel safe, seen, and heard. I think this is how Tashina has contributed to my professional development." - Janette Jones


Jennifer Bodine

Sustainability Manager,
Energy & Sustainability Office

"Jennifer Bodine is currently my boss in the Sustainability Deptartment on campus. She does a great job of guiding me towards success, while giving me enough freedom to learn for myself. Whenever I have a new idea or project, she is always willing to hear me out, give me appropriate criticism, and help direct me with some next steps. Jenn always makes sure to show us how our efforts are being noticed around campus, and does a good job and hyping us up with our efforts."    - Cayden Quayle


Nicholas Downs

Athletics Marketing
& Operations Coordinator

"Nick is a hard working individual. He has also helped me and taught me a lot in the role here with the athletic department as an intern. He is very willing to always help me and our team when we are short staffed and he will always go the extra mile with everything he does."  - Anonymous


Tim Eck

Director of Wildcat Store Operations,
Wildcat Store

"Tim inspires me to be the best version of myself. He has taught me to be determined in the face of adversity and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. He puts people first and shows he cares through being kind and compassionate. His enthusiasm and love for Weber State and the Wildcat Store is contagious. He is a fantastic supervisor and I am a better manager, employee, and person because of him." - Sarah Tooker


George Kvernadze

Mathematics Professor and Associate Chair,
College of Science

"Professor K goes above and beyond to teach a difficult subject, Calculus. He has set up his class to be able to give each student great feedback and potential to succeed. Every year he has adapted his methods to better help the students and is always very quick to respond and care. He is a top tier Math instructor and I applaud him for what he does." - Zac Morgan


Terrilyn Morgan

School of Accounting & Taxation Instructor, Goddard School of Business

"One of the things I enjoy about Professor Morgan is how she wants every student to understand the financial concepts she teaches regardless of their major. Although I am not a finance major, she has helped me learn what financial knowledge I can utilize for my accounting career. It's not hard to notice her willingness to help a student who can use some guidance with something as simple as a homework problem or something as important as a future career." - Matthew Pace


Patrick Murphy

Adjunct Professor of Communication, Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities

"He is very understanding, and you truly feel like he cares about your well-being and wants you to succeed. He has made my semester so much better by leaving the little comments on my assignments, and or emailing me to tell me I'm doing a good job! It has helped me find the motivation to keep going and trying, I am very appreciative of this because it has been a hard semester for me, and it made the world of difference to hear I was doing a good job and that someone cared." - Anonymous


Matt Nicholaou

Associate Professor and Dumke Endowed Chair, Dumke College of Health Professions

"Dr. Nicholaou was one of the most supporting faculty as a pursued my education at Weber State. He provided guidance during my final years as a medical laboratory sciences student and particularly was a crucial faculty member for developing my skills in research. He showed my research group and myself that despite obstacles and failures, we could continue and develop a thoughtful and scientifically relevant research project. Dr. Nicholaou made himself available for any questions from my group and made it a point to support our research skills development. As a first year medical student, I consistently use the skills Dr. Nicholaou helped me develop as a continue to pursue research and career development." - Monica Fernandez


Tara Peris

Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, Student Involvement and Leadership

"Tara is an incredible advisor who is always there to support me and help with my endeavors and goals. She inspires me to work hard and always serve others. She always brings a light into the room and makes everyone smile. She encourages me to continue pursuing my future career and inspires me to do be better." - Maren Dawson


Cody Squadroni

School of Computing Instructor, College of Engineering Applied Science & Technology

"He always goes above and beyond. He truly cares about the success of his students and is always cheering you on telling you to keep up the good work. He's also very helpful and will always reply to your emails asking for help. Not to mention he responds very quickly."         - Whitney Child


Rick Westmoreland

Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

"Rick can help answer any question pertaining to Utah law and procedure. He teaches in a way that gets students to think about the material and find the answers ourselves before giving the answer himself. His kindness and humor make learning about criminal justice topics entertaining and engaging. I now enjoy reading and learning the Utah codes pertaining to criminal acts and procedures to better help prepare me for my future career in law enforcement. Thank you, Rick!" - Marcus

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The Career Champions Banquet recognizes and celebrates the faculty and staff members who have been nominated for their contributions to student career success.


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