50-50 Program


The 50/50 Student Employment Program increases the number of on-campus student jobs for the purpose of gaining meaningful work experience, retaining students, encouraging students to work toward a degree, and to increase student connections with WSU faculty and staff.  It is designed to help on-campus employers create positions to be filled by full-time undergraduate students. 

There are two types of positions that are offered through the program: traditional student positions and internship positions.  Each have separate applications and mentor/supervisor trainings.  You can find more information about the differences between the two in the Policies and Procedures and in the training videos found below. 

Resident, non-resident, and international undergraduate students will be eligible to work under its provisions. Unlike Workstudy, this program is not based on student income. Departments desiring to create 50/50 designated positions must submit an application form and will be required to contribute at least 50% of the student's wages. The other 50% (up to $4.50/hr) will be provided through the 50/50 Student Employment Program.


Selection Criteria

These positions are to be new positions, not current ones that are "rolled over" in order to help pay for students already employed. This program is designed to create new student employment experiences, not replace funding for existing positions. A selection committee made up of three representatives from Career Services will carefully review each position request and will award those that meet the selection criteria as described below.

Traditional Student Position Requirements

  • Position does not exceed 20 hours per week
  • Position provides meaningful work and allows for development of skills in areas of customer service, teamwork, global diversity, and communication
  • Position supports the retention and student success efforts of the university

Internship Position Requirements

  • The position must have clearly defined learning objectives/goals related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework. 
  • There must be supervision by a professional with expertise and/or educational background in the field of the experience. 
  • The mentor must provide routine feedback. 
  • The internship must not exceed 29 hours per week.

Wages will begin at $9.00 per hour.  If a department feels the position they are offering deserves a higher rate, that department is required to pay 100% of the amount over $9.00.


How-To Apply

All supervisors and mentors must complete the short online supervisor training and pass the quiz with a score of 100% BEFORE applying for a position.  

Traditional Student Position

Complete the 50/50 Student Employment Position Application

Internship Position

Complete the 50/50 Internship Position Application

Please thoroughly read all information sent to you in order to ensure a quick result. 


Training Materials

This short online training is required of all supervisors and mentors once per year.  Please note: no position applications will be approved without training completion.

Traditional Student Position


  • Part 1: 50/50 Position Policies.  This video is 1:25.
  • Part 2: Student Employee Policies.  This video is 1:04.
  • Part 3 : Student Employment Procedures.  This video is 1:38.


Internship Position


Mentor Training Quiz


Traditional Student Position

Internship Position

Additional Resources

If you have questions about the program, please contact:

Shari Leder
Career Counselor
Sam Wilson
Employer & Events Specialist
Barry Flitton
Internship Development