Employment Resources

You can use Wildcat Handshake to schedule an appointment with one of our employment advisors. We are passionate about helping you obtain quality employment once you graduate.

We provide the following services to WSU students (and recent alumni) free of charge:

Need help exploring employment options with your major?  We can help!  Each of our employment advisors has years of experience working with employers in the specific area(s) they advise.  We can help you explore options, identify your marketable skills, and focus your job search based upon your work values.

Need to fine-tune your resume?  We can help!  Our Resume Guide will help you get started.  Once you have created a basic resume, be sure to schedule an appointment through Handshake to have it reviewed by your employment advisor.  They will give you suggestions for effectively focusing your resume and making it stand out in a professional setting. 

Nervous about an interview that is coming up?  We can help?  We will conduct a short (~20 min) practice (more “mock”) interview with you and provide specific suggestions for how you can be at your best.  After scheduling your interview appointment through Wildcat Handshake, be sure to arrive on time, dress professionally, and treat your practice interview like it is the real thing.  As a courtesy, we can record your interview so you can watch it later (or show it to family and friends). 

Don’t have time for a practice interview?  Review our short Interview Guide which will help you master the basics.

Career Station - Drop-in Services

Receive Help From Career Mentors With:

  • Resume Reviews
  • Cover Letter Reviews
  • Interview Assistance
  • Wildcat Handshake & LinkedIn
  • Professional Headshots


  • Summer Semester:
    Monday - Friday: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Student Services Center (SC), Suite 231 (Career Services)


Career Station available to Students & Alumni only.


career station

Employment Guides (PDFs)

Employment Guide Videos

Sample Resume Gallery

Virtual Information Sessions

Information sessions are a great way to learn about a company and the opportunities they provide. Now you can do this from home! Follow the links below
to view virtual sessions from different companies.

*One of our participants had internet difficulties the day we recorded this session. Please turn on the closed captioning to understand all of the content shared during this session.

Hill Air Force Base Career Resources


Are you interested in a career on base? Follow the link below to find jobs and resources to build a career at Hill Air Force Base.

Hill Air Force Base Career Resources

Zoom Career Bites

Zoom Career Bites

Watch recorded Zoom webinars featuring industry experts covering topics to help Weber State students and alumni advance their careers.

Zoom Career Bites

LinkedIn Profile

An effective LinkedIn profile can be a power tool for job seekers, especially as they build and learn to utilize their professional network.



Interview Practice

Throughout this section you will learn how to appropriately prepare for an interview. Practice confidently answering behavior-based interview questions on the video interview platform StandOut.