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How does Work-Study work?

Work-Study funding is awarded to students based on financial need. Students must complete FAFSA in order to be considered for Federal Work-Study (FWS) funding. Eligible students are awarded a set amount of funding (usually about $4,000) which is paid out through their on-campus student employment. In an on-campus student position, Work-Study pays 90% of the student’s wage, and the department pays the remaining 10% until the Work-Study award runs out. The higher the student’s hourly wage, the faster the funding will be used.

If a student is awarded Work-Study and does not secure an FWS job within a 30-day timeframe, the funding may be revoked and re-awarded to another eligible student. Work-Study awards are managed through Financial Aid.

Unlike Pell grants and Stafford loans that are applied towards a student’s tuition and fees, Work-Study funding is earned and can be used towards a student’s cost of living expenses.

Work-Study Information for Students