Weber State University Department of Visual Art & Design

The Weber State University Department of Visual Art and Design (DOVAD)  is committed to acting as a center of innovative creative activity for students and the Northern Utah community. The department offers degree programs for aspiring art and design professionals, public lectures and exhibitions with internationally-recognized artists, and educational programs for children and the community. The department strives to cultivate engaged, productive, creative professionals and contribute to a vibrant local arts community, while contributing to contemporary art and design practice on a national and international scale.

Students in DOVAD develop robust visual literary and cultural awareness as they hone their skills in a range of creative disciplines. Throughout the BA and BFA programs, students will study with active scholars, artists and designers in well-equipped studios and classrooms. They enjoy opportunities that include workshops with visiting artists, study abroad and public exhibition of their work. The faculty and staff of the Department of Visual Art & Design work together to encouraged engaged citizenship, strong problem-solving skills and rigorous professional practice. Students go on to serve arts organizations, work at graphic design firms, pursue graduate study and work as independent designers. 

Faculty in DOVAD are dedicated educators and active contributors to their fields. In addition to regular courses, faculty participate in community-engaged projects, organize exhibitions, and lead travel-study trips nationally and internationally. These artists, historians, and designers come from respected graduate programs across the country and abroad. They regularly exhibit in respected venues, present at national conferences and serve on local and national organizations for the arts.  

Housed in DOVAD's Kimball Visual Arts Building, The Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery presents contemporary art exhibitions and educational programs that provide visitors access to the art of our times. The Shaw Gallery aspires to engage a diverse audience, create a sense of community, provide insight into the creative process, and challenge visitors to contemplate, discuss and understand the historical, social, and cultural context of contemporary art.

The department's outreach programs provide free and low-cost arts opportunities for schools and community members. Field trips, workshops and gallery tours take place on a monthly basis and offer opportunities for students, families and adults to participate in hands-on art experiences. Each year, more than 5,000 people participate in these outreach programs.