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How Can I Benefit From Having A Mentor?

  • A smooth transition into your college experience
  • Time management skills
  • Improved study skills
  • Getting involved in campus leadership
  • Support with making friends
  • Referrals to services that meet your needs
  • Enjoying the academic and social experience of attending Weber State University

The Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Whether you’re an incoming freshman straight from high school, a returning student who started your college adventure 20 years ago, or a current student coming back in for another round, transitioning into the college atmosphere can be an overwhelming and daunting quest.

Mentors are experienced students who are trained and knowledgeable in many aspects of the university. Mentors are trained just for YOU. Each department structures their mentor program to support the students who use their services, so there are many ways to develop the mentor/mentee relationship. Ultimately, it’s about YOU and mentors want to help YOU succeed in your college experience; so you can discuss what kind of support you are looking for with the department contact.

→Departments With Mentor Programs

The following departments at WSU offer mentoring programs. To join a program, please contact the departments below in which you are most interested.

Peer Mentors Program

Peer Mentors build one on one relationships with students and address issues like sense of belonging, involvement, goal setting, values, diversity and other general college life topics. Everyone can have a mentor. Start here!

Find Your Mentor: This program is open to all students

Request a Mentor

Contact: olgaantonio@weber.edu | 801-626-7332

Academic Peer Coaches

Academic Peer Coaches work with students on strategies for academic success. They can help with managing time, using effective study strategies, navigating college, finding campus resources, getting involved, and managing stress.

Find Your Mentor: This program is open to all students

  • Meet online, at the Ogden Campus, or at the Davis Campus.
  • Use TutorTrac in eWeber to see coaches' schedules and choose a time to meet.

Contact: Mackenzie Glover | mackenzieglover@weber.edu | 801-626-7484

Career Mentors

Career mentors at Career Station work with students to develop or edit resumes and cover letters, practice job interviews, and learn more about LinkedIn and Handshake.

Students can drop-in virtually or in-person from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday-Friday to meet with a career mentor.

Find Your Mentor: This program is open to all students

Learn More About Drop-In Services

Contact: careerservices@weber.edu | 801-626-6393

DREAM (Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring)

DREAM Peer Mentors help new students transition to the University by providing tips and suggestions for success.

Find Your Mentor: Students who are registered with Disability Services may apply for a mentor. Email dream@weber.edu to be connected to a mentor.

Contact: DREAM@weber.edu | 801-626-6413

Faculty and Staff Mentors

Faculty and Staff Mentors can help students with career and personal development by allowing you to meet with, learn from and share experiences with a faculty or staff member on campus.

Find Your Mentor: This program is open to all students.

Request a Mentor

Contact: Eduardo Franco | eduardofranco@weber.edu | 801-626-8516

First Year Experience Peer Mentors

FYE Peer Mentors are experienced WSU students who help new students successfully adjust to college, both academically and socially. Peer mentors serve as an additional resource for students in the Foundations of College Success (FYE 1105) course by providing announcements related to WSU events and resources, facilitating class discussions, presenting short lessons, and helping to create a learning community. FYE peer mentors are students just like you who can help you navigate the college environment.

Find Your Mentor: Register for a section of FYE 1105

Contact: Ariel Olson | arielolson@weber.edu | 801-626-8761

Housing and Residence Life Living Learning Communities

WSU Housing and Residence Life offers four themed communities with Peer Mentors: eSports, First Year Experience, Outdoor Adventure, and the Latter Day Saint Student Association Community.

Find Your Mentor: Students who live in Housing & Residence Life may participate in the Living Learning Communities. Email Housing@weber.edu if you are interested.

Contact: housing@weber.edu

Nontraditional Student Center Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors with the Nontraditional Student Center will help with the areas below:

  • Developing the tools and skills necessary to overcome any barriers you are facing as you make your transition from new student to college graduate.
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA) and Scholarship Applications -- "How do I find funding to pay for college?"
  • Academic Success (study, time management and test taking skills) -- "I feel overwhelmed; There just isn’t enough time to do all of this homework…"
  • Getting involved at WSU (activities, events and student clubs) -- "How can I get the most out of time attending WSU?"

Find Your Mentor: Call 801-626-7794

MORE Mentors

Mentors for Outreach and Retention in Education.

MORE Mentors are experienced students who have been trained by the university to support you as a student, specifically in the Moyes College of Education. MORE Mentors are dedicated to providing current and future college students with advice, motivation, and connections to campus resources.

Find Your Mentor: This program is open to all students.

Apply Online

Contact: MORE@weber.edu

Pre-Health Mentoring

This is a peer to peer group of mentors who help each other in all aspects of preparing to apply to medical school. A variety of subjects are discussed once a month and guest lecturers are invited as well.

Find Your Mentor: Anyone who is interested in applying to medical school can join this program. Contact preprofessionalclub@weber.edu to apply.

SSS and SSS-STEM Mentors

Peer mentoring is a drop-in service where students may receive help from other Student Support Services students. 

Find Your Mentor: This program is open to students in the SSS and SSS-STEM program.

Learn More 

Contact: SSS-STEM@weber.edu


students mentoring

students mentoring