Living Learning Communities

Health Professions Living Learning Community

Are you majoring in one of our health related career fields available through the Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions? Through this LLC we provide a link between the residence halls and your classroom! Each semester a list of common courses is provided so you can easily form study groups with your neighbors. Additionally once per week supplemental instruction (SI) is provided with your building for either BioMedical Core 1110 or 1111. During the 2013 – 2014 academic year the Health Professions LLC will be provided in both Villages.

Outdoor Adventure Living Learning Community

Whether you enjoy the beauty of the Utah summer or tearing up the pristine mountains during the winter this LLC could be what you are looking for! In this LLC we provide traditional programming activities mixed with programs made for students who love the outdoors just like you. Some of the programs that we have provided include winter outdoor safety and awareness, a weekend day hike, and free ski and snowboard waxing. If you would like preference for this community please make a Stewart Wasatch Hall double room one of your higher level preferences.

Learn more about the Campus Recreation Outdoor Program

Global Village Living Learning Community

Are you looking for a unique college experience? Why not live with students who grew up outside your native country! Each apartment in the Global Village LLC contains two domestic students and two international students. You might be surprised how much you’ll find yourself sharing, including food, cultural traditions, and even notes from class. Programming in the Global Village LLC is much like programming in other communities with special emphasis placed on intercultural exchanges. If you would like preference for this community please list University Village as one of your higher level preferences.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association Living Learning Community

LDSSA (Latter Day Saint Student Association) is an association that gives the students at Weber State an outlet to escape the stressors of life. The LDSSA LLC is for any student that have an interest in giving back to the community as well as a great way to meet other students with similar interests. The community styled living of Residence Hall 3 will be a great way for this LLC to forge friendships, in a peaceful environment. The students of this LLC will experience programming such as service opportunities, dances hosted by the LDS Institute of Religion, cultural events, concerts, basketball and volleyball pick-up games, and lunches also sponsored by the LDS Institute of Religion. If you are interested in helping the community and creating lasting friendships, this LLC is just the place for you.