Facilities & Rates

Wildcat Village

Community Style Living

wildcat village


  • Each suite has: 2 bedrooms with 2 residents in each
  • The suite's bathroom has: bathroom in one area, shower in another and 2 vanities in another
  • Kitchens are on some common area floors
  • Laundry facility on each floor


  • 2018-19
    Wildcat Village Academic Year Single Semester 8 Payments

    Residence Hall 1 Double
    *Skimester (get free season pass)

    $3,479.00 $1,783.00 $435.00
    Residence Hall 1 Super Single
    *Skimester (get free season pass)
    $5,438.00 $2,788.00 $680.00
    Stewart Wasatch Double $3,479.00 $1,783.00 $435.00
    Stewart Wasatch Single with shared bath $5,073.00 $2,600.00 $634.00
    Residence Hall 3 Single $4,867.00 $2,495.00 $608.00
    Residence Hall 3 Double $3,345.00 $1,714.00 $418.00

Meal Plans

Residence Hall 1 & Stewart Wasatch Details

Residence Hall 1 & Stewart Wasatch are our suite style living areas. Each suite is comprised of 2-3 bedrooms (double, singles, and super singles). Within each suite there is a bathroom, a separate shower room, and a vanity space within the suite which makes it possible for up to 4 people to get ready at the same time, if needed. As a community living area the living room and kitchen are outside of the suite to allow an opportunity to get to know those around you. Wildcat Village is our more social village, where friendships are forged and allows for the "college experience" you've always thought of having.

- RH1 -
University Village Floor Plan University Village Floor Plan


- Stewart Wasatch -
University Village Floor Plan University Village Floor Plan 


Residence Hall 3 Details

Residence Hall 3 is the "dorm" styled living. In Residence Hall 3 you can choose from a single, double, or super single room. The kitchen and living areas are community styled as well as the bathrooms. Each bathroom has a code to enter, to ensure the safety of the residents. The community bathrooms have individual showers and dressing areas with locks on each stall door to allow privacy among residents. Additionally, we have incorporated single bathrooms, on each floor, with a shower, which the residents can use if they wish.

University Village Floor Plan

University Village

Apartment Style Living

university village


  • Computer lab
  • Private bedroom
  • Semi~private bathroom, kitchen and living room
  • Four students living in each fully furnished apartment
  • The kitchens have: stoves, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers
  • The living rooms have: a couch, overstuffed chairs, coffee table and end table
  • Each bedroom has: an extra-long twin bed, dresser, desk and lockable nightstand
  • There are two bathrooms with showers and tubs
  • Cable access for each bedroom and the living room (hardwired Ethernet access in each bedroom or wireless Internet)


  • 2018-19
    University Village Academic Year Single Semester 8 Payments
    University Village $4,796.00 $2,458.00 $600.00
    University Village Luxury $5,280.00 $2,706.00 $660.00

Meal Plans

University Village Details

University Village is our apartment styled living. Which includes a kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms. Each bedroom within University Village is a single room. The University Village is for those who enjoy keeping to themselves or take studying very seriously. The private rooms allow for the privacy that some residents find necessary while attending the University.

University Village Floor Plan University Village Floor Plan


University Village Luxury Details

University Village Luxury is the same set up at the regular University Village apartment/room. The difference lies in the amenities the apartment has. In a Luxury apartment, the living room area has a 42-inch flat screen smart TV with a Roku, a small kitchen island, 4 metal barstools, proxy access to buildings, and shower liners/curtains. The lighting within this apartment is updated as well as an updated more luxurious bathroom which includes a waterfall shower head. With these amenities, residents find it easy and fun to entertain friends watching TV and when midterm time rolls around, the waterfall shower head allows for relaxation time.

University Village Floor Plan University Village Floor Plan