» I Want To Be A Mentor

The mentor/mentee relationship is a valuable and reciprocal relationship in which both parties gain skills and grow.

Mentors promote involvement and retention throughout the university by assisting peers with academic and personal growth to maximize collegiate success. Mentors inform peers about learning, leadership, and social opportunities to help them in meaningful ways to the campus and community.

Benefits Of Becoming A Peer Mentor

  • Satisfaction of helping students reach their academic and professional goals
  • Recognition from WSU for participation in a leadership role
  • An expanded network of colleagues within the mentor cohort
  • Increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and affirmation of leadership competence
  • Learning new methods for effective communication
  • Specialized training

Departments with Mentor Programs

The following departments at WSU use mentors to serve other students. To learn more about being a mentor in these areas, please contact the department(s) in which you are most interested.

Courses with Mentor Programs

FYE Peer Mentors