Advisor and Peer Mentors

The Nontraditional Student Center strives to bring our services to where our students are. With that goal in mind, we provide many options for students to meet with one of our peer mentors or advisor:

  • One-on-one sessions through drop-in visits during office hours, or scheduled appointments at both campuses
  • In small group sessions focusing on a particular area of interest (i.e. scholarships, FAFSA help, campus involvement)
  • Innovative Online sessions allow you to meet with a mentor or advisor to get your questions answered wherever you are

Call us to get started! 801-626-7794

Nontraditional Student Center Advisor

The Nontraditional Student Center Advisor will help you identify your strengths as an individual, and coach you to develop those strengths as a student to help you be successful at WSU.

Other areas the Nontrad Advisor can help:

  • Applying to Weber State University -- "I think I am ready for college! What do I do first?"
  • Identifying barriers to your college success -- "What would prevent me from graduating on time? How can I address these barriers?"
  • Understanding WSU English and Math placement -- "MATH 950 to MATH 990? Or is it MATH 970? Which is the right math class for me?"
  • Academic planning during your first and second academic years -- "Should I go to school as a full-time or part-time student? Maybe 20 credits in a semester is too much at once?"
  • Navigating academic, financial aid and university petition processes -- "I am in trouble! What do I do now?!"
  • Issues involving other students/faculty -- "I think my professor has it out for me, and is treating me unfairly."

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors with the Nontraditional Student Center will work with you to develop the tools and skills necessary to overcome any barriers you are facing as you make your transition from new student to college graduate.

Other areas Peer Mentors help:

  • Financial Aid (FAFSA) and Scholarship Applications -- "How do I find funding to pay for college?"
  • Academic Success (study, time management and test taking skills) -- "I feel overwhelmed; There just isn’t enough time to do all of this homework…"
  • Getting involved at WSU (activities, events and student clubs) -- "How can I get the most out of time attending WSU?"
  • Connections to other university departments and services -- "Where do I go to get help with tutoring?"


Nontrad Student Center: 801-626-7794