Advisor and Peer Mentors

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Appointments are available both virtual and in-person at WSU Ogden and WSU Davis.

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Questions:  WSU Ogden 801-626-7794 |  WSU Davis 801-395-3464

*Please read below if you need more information on who you meet within our department.

Nontraditional Student Center Advisor

Our Nontrad Advisors are a supportive professional staff members that  can help to partner with academic departments & other advisors to help you on your path at Weber. They offer support when you feel that you are in crisis with any of your classes, financial aid or even a personal crisis.

You can also receive help with: academic petitions, transfer credits, CatTracks, credit management, major exploration, and other areas.

Student Peer Mentors

Our Student Peer Mentors are supportive junior or senior nontraditional students who have been where you are. They have had training to be able to offer support.

You can receive help with: admissions, financial aid, scholarships, Canvas, and many more areas.

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Although many students share their challenges in life with our staff, it is important to note if you have a mental health concern or crisis, please contact the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.

Please Note: It is also important to know that we are non-confidential. As such, we are required to report all disclosures of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse, abuse against people with disabilities and instances of discrimination or harassment. For more information on campus reporting requirements and a list of confidential resources on campus, please visit the Safe@Weber.

Ogden Campus: 801-626-7794  |  Davis Campus: 801-395-3464   Instagram