Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Connect While Off- Campus?

  • Phones


    • Cell Phone

      • It is possible to forward any phone calls made to your work extension to your cell phone by using Telecom's service called EC500.  Follow the link below for more information on how to request this service: 

      • Telecommunications Request form
    • Managing Campus Calls Using a Softphone
      • All aspects of your campus digital or VOIP extension can be managed using a University-provided softphone on any Windows 10 computer.  For more information on how to request softphone capabilities, follow this link:

      • Softphone

  • For information regarding recommended internet speeds and connectivity, visit this resource.

  • Employees must use VPN access when working from home, install virus-protection software, and keep it current. See below for additional information.

  • For security related tips, visit the Information Security Office's Stay Safe page.

  • Additional resources are shared through the Telecommunications Work While Away Guide

  • No Scanner at Home? Try Adobe Scan available for both Android and iOS devices.

How Can I Connect My Computer Remotely?


Remote desktop connection guide

What Are Our Primary Video Conferencing Tools?

Google Hangout 


What are Common Collaboration Tools?

Google Drive



Collaboration with Office 365