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Search Advocate Training

Weber State Human Resources recognizes that change happens on both an individual and institutional level. We believe long-term change occurs by implementing practices designed to increase equitable practices at the institutional level, and creating opportunities for faculty and staff to be trained on how to discuss and wrestle through challenging topics in a safe space. To help facilitate this, we offer several courses for faculty and staff on these topics.

Faculty and staff can register for courses in the Training Tracker app in the eWeber portal.


Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Course #302-06
This course is meant to introduce or refresh participants on the concepts of unconscious or implicit bias. The course provides an overview of what is unconscious/implicit bias and the most common forms that we all operate in. The course also creates space for discussion on how unconscious bias impacts our relationships with others in our lives. Participants will learn how to better recognize their own biases and implement practices to move beyond them. 

Unconscious Bias in Hiring

Course #302-07
This course is designed for those who are part of the search committee process. The course walks through the most common biases found in the hiring process and practical steps to help mitigate them. It also includes a walk through of the search advocate process to help expand candidacy pools and increase equity in the hiring process. 

Outward Inclusion

Course #480-05
This course is an Arbinger Institute workshop shaped around authentic stories to draw people into a larger narrative where everyone is included. The course focuses on shifting mindsets within our own lives, allowing participants to lead their own story. Participants will examine their own experiences and consider ways they can change to create a more inclusive experience for others and themselves. Through guided conversations and exercises, participants can see where their biases lie and why they should be addressed.