Remote Desktop Connection (Windows)

Remote Desktop Connection can be used by faculty and staff to remotely access a campus Windows computer from a different Windows computer. This first requires that the campus computer be set up to allow remote connections through the firewall.  

Instructions for remoting into a campus Windows comptuer using a Mac can be found here.

First Set Up Your Campus Computer:

(the computer that will be remoted into)

Note: These steps require administrator privileges which may require you to contact your CTC or the IT Service Desk.

  1. Click the Start button, then search for Firewall and open Allow an app through Windows Firewall.

  2. Click the Change Settings button and then scroll down in the list to Remote Desktop.

  3. Place a check mark next to Remote Desktop under the Domain column and click OK to close the window.
  4. If the user account being used to remote in does not have Administrator privileges on the computer, then the account will need to be added to the Remote Desktop Users computer group:
    1. Click the Windows button to open the Start Menu, then search for and open Computer Management.

    2. In the left pane, navigate to Local Users and Groups > Groups and then double click the Remote Desktop Users group.

    3. Click the Add button.

    4. Enter the account username and click OK.

    5. Click OK and close the Computer Management window.

  5. Note the name of your campus computer:
    • For Windows 7, click Start then right-click Computer and select Properties.
    • For Windows 8.1/10, right-click the Start button then select System.
    • Note your Computer Name (e.g. LP218-WS0000000):


Next Use Remote Desktop Connection from a Different Computer:

(the computer that will be used to remotely access your campus computer)

Note: If you are remoting in from an off-campus location, you must first successfully establish a WSU VPN connection.

  1. Click the Start button, then search for Remote and open Remote Desktop Connection.

  2. Click the Show Options button then enter in the following information:
    • Computer: Enter your computer name (from step 4 above) suffixed by (e.g.
    • User name: Enter ad\ then your Weber username (e.g. ad\WaldoWildcat)

  3. Click the Connect button
  4. In the popup window, enter your Weber password and click OK.
  5. If a certificate prompt appears, click Yes.

  6. You should now be remotely connected to your campus computer. 

If you require assistance or have further questions, please contact your department's CTC or the IT Service Desk.

While using WSU's network services, users are subject to WSU's Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Network Resources (PPM 10-2).  Violation of this policy may result in a user's network access being suspended.  Note that any sort of peer-to-peer (P2P) connection is strictly prohibited while on campus (Torrents, Limewire, etc.).