Zoom Account Creation

A Zoom license is provided to all Weber State faculty, staff, and active students.

What is Zoom

Zoom is a Video Conferencing Tool that allows users to easily connect with users.  Zoom brings simplified video conferencing across any device.

Zoom Features

  • Simultaneous Screen Share
  • Active speaker view
  • Meeting duration limit is 24 hrs
  • Cloud Recordings
    • Cloud recordings are automatically sent to https://videos.weber.edu
    • Cloud recordings are stored in the Zoom cloud for 120 days before being automatically removed. 
  • Refer to the https://zoom.us/pricing Pro Plan to see what features are included.

Creating Your Zoom Account

To create a Weber State Zoom account or to log into your account after it's already created, visit https://weber.zoom.us and select the blue Sign in option.  Then use your standard Weber State username and password to login.

When using the Zoom application, create your account at the website https://weber.zoom.us first.   Then in the app, select the SSO option to sign in.  You may need to enter in weber when asked to complete the Company Domain details.