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Adobe Acrobat Sign for Employees

The IT Division is now supplying Adobe Acrobat Sign licenses to faculty and staff across campus. Adobe Acrobat Sign allows you to digitally sign documents, send documents for signature, track your documents for signature, and much more. We have a limited supply of licenses available.

Adobe Acrobat Sign licenses should be used with one of these five criteria:

  1. Two or more individuals need to sign the same document.
  2. You want to designate where individuals need to sign a document. This is most helpful when documents are very long and have various places an individual needs to sign or initial. It is also helpful when you want to designate where multiple individuals need to sign the same document.
  3. You want to sign or manage documents using a mobile device. Documents can be signed using a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet using Adobe Acrobat Sign. You can also manage documents using your mobile device with the Adobe Acrobat Sign license. Simply go to your device's app Store to download Adobe Acrobat Sign after you obtain the license.
  4. You need/want to be able to track where a document is along the process. This works well when you have several parties that need to sign a document, especially when the document needs to be signed by individuals that may not be affiliated with the university.
  5. When you want to use Mega Sign, a function within Adobe Acrobat Sign that would allow you to send the same document for individual signatures. For example, a manager sending a "Work from Home Policy" document that needs to be signed by each employee individually resulting in one copy signed per individual.

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Adobe Acrobat Sign provides a way to digitize documents for signatures. If you are unsure of how to convert a digital document for signatures or you need help finding where a document is in the signing queue, sign up for training in Training Tracker or reach out to the IT Service Desk for support. We also have Subject Matter Experts for Adobe Acrobat Sign questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for some quick answers to questions regarding how Adobe Acrobat Sign is used on campus and licensing, our FAQ page may have the answers you're looking for.