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Lifestyle Improvement Courses

Employee Wellness has determined classes, workshops, and other events that last longer than approximately four hours should be called Lifestyle Improvement Courses. You need to complete only one such class for a Wellness Pays Rewards submission. 

Options of approved Lifestyle Improvement Courses are listed below. Please contact Employee Wellness at if you would like approval for classes and workshops outside of this list. 

  • Release Stress Manangement

    Release is a proven, research-based training, guaranteed to reduce stress, improve productivity, and help people return to a more balanced, happy, and healthy state. Course materials developed by WSU's Dr. Michael Olpin. 

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  • Blomquist Hale Workshops

    About once a month, Blomquist Hale will offer a multi-session course aimed at improving relationships or communication skills. These courses are mostly offered on location in the evenings,  but occasionally online. Must be a multi-session workshop.  

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  • Office of Workplace Learning

    The Office of Workplace Learning provides many onsite training programs for the faculty and staff at Weber State. Some of the trainings they offer can be counted towards the Wellness Pays Rewards Program.                                                                                               

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  • PEHP Courses

    PEHP Wellness offers programs, tools, and resources to help you take control of your health. They currently offer three multi-session courses that can be taken either at your leisure or register with a cohort.  These courses are free to attend.                      

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  • The Science of Wellbeing

    Yale University is offering a free 10-week course on "The Science of Wellbeing". Each week, you will complete 2 hours of videos and written work to improve your happiness.                                                             

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  • Healthy Relationships Utah

    Healthy Relationships Utah offers free research-based relationship education courses throughout that state of Utah as part of USU Extension. These FREE courses will help to improve your relationships as they pertain to dating, marriage, and parenting. 

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