Student Affairs Wellness

We are all very busy with our professional and personal lives and often neglect our own health in the process. It is the goal of this program to help Student Affairs Employees incorporate a physical fitness program into their workday. Student Affairs is committed to promoting and supporting Student Affairs Staff wellness by providing both information and work release time to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Five Steps to Getting Started: 

1. Read the Guidelines

For information about approved activities, benefits of exercise, etc.

2. Register for an Assessment

To participate in wellness time and to receive incentive prizes, you must complete an assessment each year.

3. Sign the Waiver Form (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

4. Sign the Wellness Time Application (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

5. Record Your Wellness Time

A. Download the Fall Wellness Challenge Spreadsheet and return the filled out form to Hanalee Hawkins at the end of the challenge.